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Soft Science

“Wearing a crown of sonnets like a dime store tiara, Franny Choi’s cyborg cephalopod is a creature of unending amazements, unfurling tendril after tendril—some surgical, some sensual, some weaponized, some rubberized—brandishing hypodermics, vibrators, cigarettes, smartphones, or simply snapping in time to the beat. With uncanny tonal and technical dexterity, she can play upon your emotions, tickle your sweet spot, then press all of your buttons at once. At once raw and radiant, these brilliant poems are at their most human when they assert their alienness, at their most ferocious when they dare to be vulnerable.” —Monica Youn, author of Blackacre

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Featured on July 8, 2019

Dog Poems and Cat Poem

Anyone who spends anytime on my social media sites know I love my two wiener dogs, Mustard and Ketchup. I started posting pictures of them because they are so funny and bring a lot of laughter in my sometimes stressful, sometimes miserable, and sometimes sad life. Every day they bring me so much necessary joy and make me laugh constantly. They are little short-legged furry jokes. Here are a few great dog poems and one cat poem because I like the occasional cat and the occasional cat likes me:

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Featured on July 1, 2019


"Like the razor blade that slices open in the eye-moon at the beginning of Chien Andalou, Alanís-García’s Galería is a drastic and radiant maneuver. What drips from this golden-throat is the full goat-song of art and longing, the violence of exile and the ecstasy of oscillation in the no-place-like-home" — Joyelle McSweeney "Edwin Alanís-García’s poems are ekphrastic, referential and expatriative – they are poems that wear their mediation on their sleeves – but they also manage to feel urgent and beautiful. This is how Alanís-García proves that the poet is not just a liar but an alchemist." — Johannes Göransson

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Featured on June 24, 2019

Cruel Fiction

Cruel Fiction brings together new material with celebrated work, including the provocative and charged “Brazilian Is Not a Race,” a sonnet sequence meditating on race, nation, and history seen from the author’s native Rio Grande Valley. This is a spectacular debut trying to puzzle though the insurgencies, context, and kinesis of our present, from the workplace to the pop charts but most of all to the politics of struggle. “Wendy Trevino is my leader in craft. Cruel Fiction is my courage before a county judge. Born captive, I am inspired to at least take back my likeness. Against industrialists who know that in fire we are at home. One more poem could put the ghetto on the brink of irreversible rebellion. The continuum of slave fields will all know justice and Trevino has a proletariat story for every city this side of 2008.” — Tongo Eisen-Martin, California Book Award 2018

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