Reading poetry is an intimate, subversive act. It deserves to be protected.


Like virtually all websites, Verse retains logs of which pages you visit and which pages you read. Verse will not voluntarily share this information with others.

This list of service providers will likely change. Verse uses services from Google to collect and analyze data about use of this site. Verse uses Heroku and CloudFlare to host and deliver Verse to you. We use MailGun to deliver poetry playlists in email. Where possible, we request that our vendors keep visitor data private and use it only to help you read and discover poetry.

In order to provide recommendations to other readers, Verse will use data about the poetry you read, save or share. In doing so, Verse will not disclose what you read, save or share.

You can delete all data associated with your account. For now, you'll have to contact us directly to accomplish this.


If you subscribe to receive poetry playlists, your email address will be stored and you'll receive poetry playlists in email once a week. We do not track when you open or read poetry in your email. You can unsubscribe at any time by following the unsubscribe link in any playlist email.

Local Storage

Verse and its service providers may use cookies or other local storage mechanisms to analyze use of the site, secure it against attack and to let you log in to your account. To provide offline access, poems may be downloaded to your device. Clearing or blocking cookies or other local storage will not prevent you from using this site.

Do Not Track

Verse seeks to comply with the EFF DNT policy and the W3C Tracking Compliance standards. Regardless of your DNT setting, Verse does not track your activity on other sites, except as necessary for securing this service.


Communications between Verse and your device are end-to-end encrypted, using HTTPS. Typically, this prevents your telecommunications provider and local government from easily determining which poems you're reading.

We welcome reports of security vulnerabilities. We seek to follow the HackerOne Disclosure Philosophy and ask you to do so as well.


Please contact Nick Doty with any questions or concerns about this policy or your privacy while reading poetry.