Verse sends you a new poetry playlist each week.A poetry playlist is a small set of poems around a particular subject, geography, time period, technique—or any other organizing theme. We also occasionally feature playlists drawn from a single press, or from a single newly-released book of poetry.

My goal with the project is help people find great new poems. When poems are curated around a theme, you get more context and personal connection to the work. Sometimes disparate-seeming poets are put into conversation with each other, and you can compare treatments of the same subject.

If you aren't already signed up, you'll see an email sign up form at the bottom of this page. The weekly featured playlists are best read by email, but many of them are posted to the front page and @versedotpress on Twitter.

Playlist curators

Featured playlists come from the poetry community. Past curators have included writers, publishers, and passionate readers of poetry. We are always open to contributions.

A playlist needs three things: a title, a description, and a list of poems. From there, I take care of obtaining copyright permission, entering data into the site, and everything else. Email me if you think you might be interested in contributing a featured playlist. I'll be happy to answer any other questions you might have.

If you create an account on the site, you will also be able to make your own private playlists, as well as bookmark your favorite work.


Verse is edited by Charles Theonia. It is developed by Andrew Badr, with help over time from folks including Holman, Janice, Nick, Thea, Sahil, and others, in addition to numerous playlist contributors.

I recently finished an MFA in poetry. Over the course of the program, I realized just how much good writing is out there. A lot of people not in the poetry world who don't know how to find it. I wanted to help address that, and provide a clean, hopefully useful home on the web for some of these poems.

Please write to [email protected] with any questions or comments. You can also follow Verse on Twitter or Facebook.