Film Ekphrasis: Poems on Film
Playlist by Janice Lee 12 poems
Poets have long drawn inspiration from visual art, and more recently, film. These poems are inspired by, connect to, and create new relationships with film and cinematography, and include topics such as Valley of the Dolls, Izo, Chaplin, James Bond, Gone With the Wind, & Pierrot Le Fou.
1. Main Character
Jimmy Santiago Baca
2. I Wish I Want I Need
Gail Mazur
3. Things to Do in Valley of the Dolls (The Movie)
David Trinidad
4. Final Farewell
Tom Clark
5. The Blue Angel
Allen Ginsberg
6. The James Bond Movie
May Swenson
7. IZO
Janice Lee & Michael du Plessis
8. Edward Hopper's "New York Movie"
Joseph Stanton
9. Miss Scarlett
Vanessa Place
10. Chaplinesque
Hart Crane
11. Bruise
James Harms
12. Pierrot Le Fou
Adrienne Rich