yes, hello

i sate like sum dome creature in the sun and i lied there, all spangled, neither truth nor hungry

                         i was taken out to dance and click

obedient, i slip into Vast Amusement Model Picture                 

                                                           /just appear on the screen until someone gets involved                                   

                                five times i made this thought til sweat burned on my brow like a razor                                             bumped my sweat on the grill                                     left it lonely as a sandwich                     upon a crown of recollected hills, as they appear, in the literature:

                                            let me to beat as a pulp before you                                 

mostly, i like things i can find by means of bathwater behavior lately i feel curiously free to hazard and eat them such as: let snow show the very nature of space to be repetition: this was all the city wanted i.e. to be seen as drawing, or field of slowly crystallizing fluid with a hieroglyphic punctuation, taker of first and lasting pictures seizing its little clock in the dark, shaking it, shaking