Wade Swim Walk

my first pair of panties
floats idly in the sea
of memory, flashes please,
please me

                    liquid eyeliner pen, black tube
                    of lip stain, mascara brush
                    like a clutch of turtles furreting
                    further from the gauntlet of shore

in the sea: memories
froth & spit
their pebbled laughter

                 I stand on the water & walk
                 lips a-glitter over the blue of drowning
                 heels, three-inches & starflowered
                 a pleated orbit of black dress

                 ring-around-the-moon earrings
                 cream-of-cloud-colored nails
                 with no need for wind
                 my eyes a line with wings

                 anything could kill me
                 given the pollution of galaxy & industry

                 you could buffet me with stones
                 but what when I say I was raised from dust