There Is a Chair but No One Sits

There is a chair but no one sits. There is a flag but there is no wind.
              Stars and stripes. Sun and sand make good weather.
There is a cabana on a ship. A slip. A skirt
              is what a woman holds of another and asks, “Where at?”
“How much?”        Style as a way of asking without asking
              for a name: sigh:        below:        the temporary address of a blank
look                 or a quick comeback made in retrospect
              or the double-take of then        now        never        or the return of the sideburn—
A stranger checked her out but already her arm was hooked under a brother’s.
A party was a crowd gathered into the smallest area possible,
              where everyone looked at anywhere else except at the camera.
That collection made on the faintest trace of there, there, dear sir,
              if you can walk towards the gangplank
              if you can walk towards the gangplank and be still.