There Are Many Types of Cannibals

Hatch a plan; break a

Find the culprit:

a change in climate,
               bad water,

more bad water, traffic.

An imaginary sniper

               breaking glass

while dogs sleep.

Low-flying military

               crafts making better

news than the misread

                routine and

the usual percentage

                 of broken glass.

A ghost is a felt


in the overflow of human

information and category—

                  reserve a space

for the crack. Look


perfect symmetry for

some bright triangle

                   in misty air.

If you don’t think

                   of the car

or the dogs, or the

water, you might

miss not knowing.

There is no one out

                   in the street.

Now look again.

A line drawing in black ink: beneath clouds, cars are stacked in a circle, forming the shape of Stonehenge