“The World Reduced to One Truth, Science, Such As It Is”

you wrote that:                                                                       “good art
                               cannot contradict what is known
                               at the time it’s made. If it does it’s
                               just ignorant. Knowledge is knowledge
                               and art has to deal with that.”

Good art is geocentric.
Good art is gendered via chromosome.
Good art says you’re either autistic or trans,
             not both.
Good art has a small sample size.
Good art will measure the skulls of people, paint them
             into a caste system, paint them into a genre.
Good art gets government funding.
Good art is cited equally by eugenicists and Reddit memes.
Good art is studied systematically by white people.

Good art shows a possible link between caffeine and cancer.
Good art shows a possible link between abstaining
            from caffeine and cancer.
Good art kills your mother in an attempt to kill her
Good art is archivable, indexable.
Good art need not consent.
Good art has minerals.
Good art is for drinking.
Good art is found at the spa.
Good art will clear up your gout & cure your ulcer
          if you just swim in it.

why did you sculpt boxes out in the high plains? Did you want to show that
what we know is tiny? self-contained? sitting meek amidst the expanse of
everything else? Somehow I don’t think so. After all, is sculpture in Marfa
land really different than a canvas hung on a white wall in New York? Is
permanence worth the purchase? Do you even know?