Solea of the Simooms
"...surprise...will burst forth like a fluorite ruby in ultraviolet light"
-Roberto Matta

Not some writhing in a tortuous canine province
nor some hallucinated witness in a broken endocrine manger
but Solea
the splendiferous dolorosos of Solea
with her blind electrical surges
with her transmudane penetration
like a rain of green sorrows
with their clairvoyant ethers
become a cyclone of minerals
like the moon expelling waves from her dharma
or movement from the carving of volcanoes
her electric punctuation
as neutrino & anti-neutrino
with the Earth as her dazzled village
with its brush fire error
with its radiant electro-kinetic mass
like a cell as inverted doctrine
or body as electric solar current

has become her speaking in formal hoodoo or Formosan
much like a Spanish lynx
or the howl of an Asiatic lion
as in an acid
lurking in strange bacteria

her mesmerism
her antiphonal hailstorm prism
like a form of dust in pure imaginary linkage
much like the soil in bloodless dromedary trance
or cups of fire
or kinetic trays of snow

like an ice bound tornado
or a frozen ballet of minimums
or blazeless corruptible sullage
she sings within the distance of subverted salamander flowers

one could speak of her multiple incendiary foliage
as a poisonous kind of tantra
or a voice from heated voltage sierras

she invokes in me
forms which preceded human electrical formation
such as the Ammonites*
the Brachiopods*
the Medusina*
expressing movement
beyond the terminal insinuendos of being
beyond the ragged palpitations of a cautious
dissembling liberty
by which the isometric instinct devolves
& the surge of the pre-edenic persists
across splintered unification
condensed as rotational spectra
arising in optical sodium
in ionized hydrogen grammes

so if I form a perpendicular mass as regards her
or if I form a condensation
or a sudden hydroxal in her favour *

I will know
that the gulfs burn
the biopsies detach
the nebulas roam

then the ironic fall of the solar expanse
will take on a powerful enigma as drone
& never will be debased
by motionless treason

by squalls which collapse through resistance
because carbon elliptically rotates
across the grass of a burning sonar basin
she sings as if swimming
in a dark apportioned heat
in a dazzled background lime
in the deserts or swamps of the veins
in a microscopic medical leaf
then equating these blazes with wise subjective errata
her fleeting sonar crystals
culled from intermolecular force
like verbal nitrogen writing
a draft
of coded immaterial flaw
never once being subjected
to the perplexing hail
in a depthless fractional sentence
her voice being essence
as in lakeless mysteriums of ubiquity
as in biologic drift
in its drones in its lines of perceptive randomity

& so I can speak of her fraternization of coils
of her graph as a floating background species
much like fluid from pillaged mongoose seeds

so should I come to myself with a dossier of blankness
should I address an assemblage of beings in viharas*
I could never blind myself to Solea
to her distance
to her sub-continents inside snowfall

& I am not speaking for the quest for dialectical frondage
but movement which sweeps across a narrowed wall of flux
across foundational pathology
yet spinning above a garish vulture's milk...


Ammonites-Cephlapods similar to a nautilus in the Mesozoic, three feet in diameter.

Brachiopods- A phylum of marine inverte- brates which have persisted "from the Lower Cambrian to the present. "

Medusina-Jellyfish from the Pre-Cambrian. Found at the Ediacara formation in Australia.
hydroxal- interstellar element.

viharas- In Sanskirt and Pali it is equivalent as a term for dwellings.