snake poem

                              /feel the chill of an occasion

               and an atmosphere to lose my crispness in, i find my bedroom

so beautiful, at night—a golden light the lamp is throwing thru the folding shade

                                                               dispassionate, i rotate                                  i follow many snakes, the accounts are named -daily.snakes -snake.ig -snakes_beauty

my favorites are albino snakes

albino super motley titanium

completely worth my wait

the common krait is a venomous snake, you can find it in the hot jungles on the south it is of the deep subcontinent

when it bites, the coral snake can freeze the breathing muscles

the coral snake can bite but not through thickness its teeth are short and ineffective, it prefers to flee it prefers smaller prey

i love to watch the creatures in a cage

i love a pet i cannot hold while feeling

unafraid. i love a mind i cannot know

hi guys.. I have a huge concern. I have a few months old Bumblebee BP .... she perches on her tree .. and spins just her head in circles.... what may cause this?

wintergreen, canada tea dry throat, and nostalgia it strikes like an illness of the inner eye and an envy to shock the material a thin gesture a thin and perilous gesture

would you kiss me? the doctor is in

the problem is the spider gene. it causes the head to wobble in the BP

BP is for ball python, a popular breed i am afraid your pet has neurologic disease that cannot be got out very readily? maybe other people

have some different thoughts

on this?

these videos are my personal experience

is there a fire anaconda?

does anyone have a fire anaconda? if you could let me know