i fear you as the slabbed
marble tiles of the ballroom floor fear
the green seizure of the seedling,
grown. Internal problems, corporate delivery, natural intervention:
fissured, as the body of an expensive woman
is by birth. Everybody loves light and everybody wants more
of it ,which is why i thought so hard about angles,
about the blunt tip of the candleflame
,the arachnid crack that dulls the perfectssurface
intended to induce the echo chamber
of the stage. Twinless,
i won’t share with any
body. i’m trying to tell yyou
i saw how different you are
from me the other night
when i awoke with your tongue
in my mouth: a new muscle
extending from the root of my throat out
into any shape i want. My mouthspace
the corner of an attic
licked clean by feathers, by hard
labor. i’m going to talk twice as loud
now that i am in love
with you. i’m trying to say i varnished my legs in an egg
of pantyhose and knelt upon the mirror
so you could see just as well as me,
so you could see there are no whole
numbers; it is all patterns
repeating. Ideas about cracks. Often,
the newest thing on ear
th is a spider’s web. Often, the light
hasn’t even seen it yet. Sever
your tongue and repeat
the oldest phrase
after me.