Or Omage Against Livingston
da t.v. relakses me
inside of it a girl slurps an ise cream
inside of it dat girl is so happy dat
she won’t be fased by da gase of men
purhaps not as pure as da objekt of der ritual
             but men
an at da end, yes, at da end
da purfekt complement cotes my fingers an she announces da
lifes so eesy, says a boice offskreen, as eesy as slurpin it
yes, says my boice offskreen, as eesy as slurpin it
slurpin you my island
of course, yes, me offskreen, how fun life can be when its as
as slurpin it, slurpin it, endlessly slurpin it
             a television in da darkness

                         I inboke you
             oh sky of, of, of-of fear!