On the Loss of Energy (and Other Things)

no more the chicken and the egg come

one of them

before the other


be fadin (steady)

from the supersafeway/a&p/giant



         the pilgrim cornucopia

         it ain’ a pot to pee in


         (these days)

gas is gone

and alka seltza runnin gas

a close race


name it

         toilet paper

         halfway honest politicians

there’s a shortage


step right up)

a crisis

(come in closer)

A International Disaster

Definitely Takin Place

(give the little lady down in front some room)

and (how about the brother in the back row/can

you hear me brother?)


                  I SAID THE HOT AIR’S RUNNIN


                  I SAID

                  THE MEAT’S NOT GOOD

                  FOR KIDS TO EAT

                  TOO FULLAFAT

                  AND STUFF LIKE THAT


                  IF YOU EAT MEAT

                  HOW YOU PLAN TO PAY THE RENT?

                  I SAID

                  THE OILWELLS DRIBBLIN

                  LOWER THAN A SNAKE

                  AND SOON WON’T BE NO HEAT


                  EXCEPT THERE AINT NO

                  MEAT TO EAT

                  I SAID

                  BROTHER CAN YOU SPARE A DIME?

these things/they gettin more and more worse in

the time it takes to tell


how the country’s bound to hell



if you be middlin poor or poor or Black or Black-and-poor

this profit-makin mess the worst

mess we been force to handle

since the civil war

close down the crackers


how the north won

into victory the crackers like to celebrate/a

reconstruction of the facts

on poor and Blackbacks


I am digressin/folks

please settle down and listen good

I say you know

you know

the affluent society

starvin high

on the hog as pigs can get

I say you know

we all been pigs

but mostly we been little pigs/I say

the big pigs

got the whole big pigpen

underneath some tasty big-pig pigs’ feet

dynamite can move

where is the dynamite?

How come we tryin to cooperate

with this “emergency”/this faker/phony


got you plannin

not to die and not to have a baby

on the weekends

not to do too much/

much less to start to die or start to have

a baby

on a Sunday

or on early Monday

got you/stiff and slow and hungry

on them lines the richboys laugh about/

Will somebody

real and prominent and smart

please stand

up here

and tell about inequities and big and little pigs

and other animals and birds/and fish

don’t know a thing about no hog behavior/where’s 

the dynamite?

I say you know/I say

you know.

And so do I.

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