Narcissus in Dystopia

after MAA

the bees within us could die at any moment

                                                           something more empty than holding

everything is becoming background noise

                                                       barren streams with ashes of blossoms

i hope the drones would find me sleeping

                                                             there is no palace in sterile fantasy

with my computer open i believe in radiation

                                                         to bear myself a queen requires more

waves contract & exhale my reflection

                                                     while there are never crowns in dystopia

                                                           there are only lakes or oceans or rain

maybe one of these frequencies will work

                                                            unrecognizable in toxic disfiguration

against the drift i consume this static rippling

                                                                           what still buzzes in the sky

all possible torrents can still be corrupted

                                                                      beyond this hive of half lives:

the day is ambient — the night is garbled

                                                 messages from the matter we-are-made-of

pops & hisses travel light-years

                                                                             a future darker than here

just to speak of the void
                       the last place my archaic transmission stares back