Mineral Poisoning

Sodium toxicity results in the shrinking of cellular tissues, especially
       in the brain and lungs, causing cellular paralysis.

       Lithium toxicity results in renal failure, severe cognitive
             impairment, seizures

           Iodine toxicity results in dermal ulcers, a constant metallic taste
                           coating your mouth & tongue – like something is wrong
                                             and you haven’t yet realized that what’s wrong is
                                                               you’re not what they say you are, and

             Iron toxicity results in abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea, then
                  a curious pause in which you think things are getting better
                        before you experience seizures, liver failure,
                              and glycemic failure

         Nitrite toxicity results in the over production of hemoglobin, which
                  is to say it sends more iron all throughout your body.
                         Which is to say just because someone doesn’t abuse
                                you directly doesn’t mean they didn’t
                                      contribute to your abuse, amplify it,
                                           send it brainward

              Nitrate toxicity results in the body’s inability to carry
                           oxygen in the blood

         Manganese toxicity results in erratic motor skills impairment,
                  depersonalization, disassociation, loss of sense of self

    Potassium toxicity results in cardiac arrhythmia & eventual
          cardiac arrest.

Sulphur toxicity results in aggravation of bronchial-respiratory
    distress & pulmonary dysfunction. Not classified as
        especially dangerous, it is most experienced
            in toxic amounts as a restriction of the
                airway, as a microaggression, a gas
                     set to sweep past the box
                         of lit matches you
                            carry inside

You understand my meaning, Excelsior. There is nothing to drink here.
You have nothing to offer me. You understand my metaphor, Excelsior.
How I tried to filter

                 all of this


In the purified water industry they call the filtering process “reverse
osmosis” and we both understand this, Excelsior. We both understand
how I carry your toxicity with me, how I picked it up without knowing
what I was swallowing. You handed me a glass of water. It was cold. So
what if it smelled like sewer eggs, so what if it was occluded. You said it
was cold. You said it was pure.