Matarose Tags G-Dragon on the 7

after BIGBANG’s “Fantastic Baby”

Matarose never comes home
She’s hungry like a wolf
She’s rosa de mota in lacroix
all the girls hail on queens boulevard
All the views she's killed
in the name of iman
& yasmin le bon
Mata’s quite meta
Mata means kill
Rose a curve
from the real meat of it all
She’s part my little pony
into bronies she has loved & loved not
by astro-pony
compatibility chart
She’s the queerest part of me
What’s left after the clubs close
& has yet to go
home she never goes when
she writes I always write
in bed just woofed down
a 3 musketeers mata’s on
a mission which is to say I’m
my most queer my most mata-

       rose when she
                 & I don’t need all the girls
                 in the yard

                      don’t need

                 all the girls in the yard
                 by which I mean

                    the one

     who's not the one whose blocked
     texts & torn up wish you wells
     flicker still That riddle
     get you killed kind
                    of a woman for whom
    matarose almost cut off a foot
    Went to the end of twobuck
    ghosting rails
                   My man is a little afraid
    of mata he accepts her tho
    Lets her come & go
    because I stay I am always
    with him because mata
    just wants every 7 train
    to dissolve into g-dragon
    sound wants you to howl

           boom mata mata

                boom mata mata


                                          g-mata dragonrose

The most pony of them all

                                                             g-mata7 dragontrainrose

               Don’t wait up

                                    Never last stop never comes

                                                                            boom mata mata

                                                                                                        boom mata mata home