maqam of moonlight, for the wandering

to be read from right to left, after Marwa Helal

a ask to -    blood of conjuring a is desire of know i what
&     sweat its in humid   listless it was or     me of nation tired
- deviance quantum &    stochasticity own its in    lost      : entropy
carries it    blood the hence &    design its through thing a name to learned we
type what - is it night of type what on depending    to or -      on preys &
carries      air the humid      heavy of

   relics  fragile    before    you like    men ruined i’ve ,yes
count body my    marked i   catacomb brief a chest    themselves of
lose    never beast this lest    erosion refusing   scar it let &    nails brittle with
made he caverns the    forget or ,marrow of    dry sucked    bones of count
endless &      unexplored    perimeters its in even yes : flight    refusing skeletons of
planet             this heart      sweet  reach   beyond stratosphere or  body as
- us of both the for    claustrophobic     too is