Lonely Men

There are these men who are so lonely they feel the need to make friends when all you want is a quick and easy business deal, these men are so pathetic that I feel sorry for them as they hold my hand and talk about their day or try to kiss or cuddle imagining I’m their wife or something, however fulfilling fantasies was what I did for drug money so I held their hands while they drove around and engaged in affectionate conversation and smoked the cigarettes they gave me and ate the food they offered me; with these kind of guys, getting tips is practically guaranteed and even better was getting them to become a regular as it’s easy money and I only had to accept the affection they gave, which was strangely harder to do than it being strictly business, these men are pretty vanilla and aren’t into pain or humiliation and are all in all pretty decent, however there are always exceptions; there are men who managed to make me feel like a nasty crack whore, leaving bruises all over my body or grabbing my hair telling me to take it down the throat and I’d better swallow what they gave cuz they’re paying good money and this goes on and on and soon they become a blur of faces; the only way I could stand it was the thought of smoking a big rock and to keep smoking it until everything faded away.