Layleen’s Bill (With Revisions)

for Layleen Cubilette-Polanco Xtravaganza

The New York City Council will pass a package of legislation,
expanding services for transgender, gender-nonconforming,
non-binary, and intersex inmates        will turn out its pockets,
never sign another ransom note

All officers with trans inmates in their custody will undergo
a competency training        will have their badge numbers
etched off with diamond-tipped acrylics, aquamarine

New beds will be added to the transgender housing unit
        beds of wildflowers will erupt from lots that were not
vacant, just holding their breath

Counselors will be made available to all trans inmates         we
are each our sister’s counsel

The Board of Correction will convene a task force        will
be tasked with something useful, like beekeeping, or collecting

Sex workers will have their cases diverted to Human Sex
Tracking Intervention Court        will spray paint the words
“we are the intervention” on the courthouse rubble

The Rikers Island compound will be replaced by a series of
smaller, borough-based facilities       will slip into the rising
Atlantic, the ribs of our dead prepared to cage it

Trans elders will be held in solitary confinement for their
own safety        will have their charcoal locs retwisted in
chosen hands

This legislation will take effect in the summer of 2020
        we have never asked permission to sing