Jon w/ no h

Emily loses her mind at the Suniland Denny’s when Jon w/ no h appears with a new girlfriend & orders two Grand Slams. Three tables away our classmates in student government turn around to stare, it’s Stacey Pratt with the ponytail & Josh.

FUCK YOU JON! shouts Emily.

It’s November and Emily returns from school with shorter hair and more makeup. I make sandwiches and eat them between classes behind the university library, where the lake is and the ducks that bother you. R calls them “cancer ducks” because of the red stuff on their faces. R calls everything something. He drives me everywhere playing opera on a cassette tape connected umbilically to a discman. I am always thinking about T with the paintings and plants and chihuahuas in his house so I ride around with R like an old woman asking questions without hearing the answers. We drive at night to Jai Alai and bars that don’t card and dim cafeterias where we handle plates cups and spoons. Sometimes we sneak into the lobby of an expensive hotel and play the mini grand. Sometimes we say dreadful things to each other and laugh. In the university we see curly hair guy playing the acoustic guitar in a gazebo out on the grass and we laugh. We laugh at him like we laugh at everything and one day he asks my name and buys me a can of Sprite and I don’t tell R.