Jim Brodey

All this shattering incredulous dull-minded
Speed all this slow burn ache Stockholm
Syndromed into cuckoo clusters of badass

Fucked upholstery all these endless Wystan
The cat w/superpowers stories for unsleeping
Munchkins demanding adult brooding go into

The wood chipper the cat could swing on
People swings go all the way around the sky
Bar travel by balloons inside balloons & stride

Across Saturn’s rings just to check the grain of
Footing I should say pouring all the unbridled –
You been bridled lately? – love addressed to names

And me slumming at the sky church to get some
Something sums to come off the teen-death-shock
Chest were bald scalps or super-old-skinned beings

Scarier don’t clean your floor ever I am a princess
Of bubbly nothingness & mean nothing all the lines
I steal from Jim to make this there slanky-ass poem

Who invented ass as a demi-adjectival modifier
Anyway -- someone who knew the power of the
Ass-syllable in fits of rhetoric dawn & corner-yap

It’s a precision-stress an undeniable slap of emphasis
That defeats its own generic-ass non-quality what
The fuck was we saying all the neo-classical mosaic

Brodey shmear I’m laying down to help me get
Through via unfashionable non-currency this
Absolute disaster of a current state may there be

More hoary hosts of landings on this dark star as we
Dig to un-survive through and for “the one poem
We all write out of our entire existence alive”