Interlude II

Cut off from exchange I could see that loss exists. Greedily I wanted the germ of impulse. Bernadette Mayer is working to disentangle our dialogues. She is trying to remember if previously all of life was a dense grid chant. Everyone pictures a blue triangle forming when she says grid. Someone describes to her a film and she sits with her eyes closed, picturing it. You said the image burns before we can describe it? You said we burn the images as we describe them? Cut off from the classic exchange of friction with shadow I could see that I had the capacity to self-interrupt. I took the innocent form safely, the balm of an infant structure still being distributed. The eyes were sincerely closed as the self of all things implodes in a sonic feed. Pre-verbal upsurge this better be resilience at work, that morsel. The mind does so well to picture it.

fallen I thought I could organize my life according to some theme

the capacity to tap a foot and have a pattern

sound harbors tradition in waves

we don’t even have a music I’m learning

a door that says sanctuary and maybe this is just how I see things now

I will be using sound

the idea of air as a threshold acts as a pacifier

gains dimension resonant in the raw

it comes in later hear the interior take this home with you

no more against us I slowed, dimmed also developed magic and loss

I built it, sure

the loop is an environment we all are

I slowed it all down this presence and I will encourage it because this is when I’m feeling really good when we all are this disappearance and humming ideal forms a charge the servitude of consciousness, it’s many members roused

just as they are I become

your turn now, encounter

assess the light unrelated is the line broken irreducible receiver

learning how to carry that question the prison the mind in all its chattiness

what I’ll do to pass the time someone else does becomes visual becomes sounds maybe it isn’t art though I’m still deciding how to see what I said, the cuts

to travel and live through my own sounds

the apparatus arrives and it is myself and it / me laughs, being anything

what is collaborative about it though every thought secured retreats reads like the birth litter kept from perishing born under the jaw nobody knew at their fingertips

I’ve replicated the room as that day I hadn’t played in years there is a seismic room it could be argued not just listened to shooting a swarm your skull was designed a piece crowded or empty trust me it will happen you are already speaking

the guest imagines and plays delivery as consumption do I then disappear where music lives

city sounds and urban crisis sensual crisis some kind of navigation trigger broken off

land a dark hallway dream house permanence her whole existence is within it sounds as colors pit pain against rub down so the world does exist noise exists errors hashing out placeholders

we arrive dream house art making sensory constructs spread a phenomenon among them an electronic reality the body never dies glimpse a cooling bottom we arrive up zone cusp still I’m forward moving

expression constants order keep singing in drones long allegiances

gravitational within pre-gravity ferocious a purely aural statement of influence the year shall see oh unrelated immanence received as existing offhand holy favorite metaphors

the listener process is outside of the body

open baby crying emulated without being pushed just sounds misheard unstitched relations to the illusion of sculpture a power relinquished although written still I’m that turned on

words fill the page to be lost temporality this is an homage amplified then it took three hours ten days I began to notice time a limited number of fullness fixations on where must I be struggling becomes not art or autonomy notably present tense serves here a shape largely mathematical volume reprise the illusion that actual art desires form

the bedroom the world the university the exerted personal swells up towers saw spirals in whatever walls politicized distinct mapping function over but distinct corporeal always existing in oscillation alarm running I had said we arrived

non-physical space simple light space evolved portray a building as diary as partner and evolved hedonistic fluff driven out into the field stimulation an account of my life definition beauty taken together