In(t)elegance: A Conspiracy Theory

you can make almost a million dollars by killing one angel outside
his house / the deep state is located in a police locker-room / they
plan war games over dinner / this is not a lie.

this could be a lie, but our destruction is definitely an inside job /
or at least CIA-funded.

they build super-predator soldiers out of crack & dollar bills / hang
them out to dry in the street for (4) hours.

a Black man can be assassinated sleeping in his bedroom, shot next
to his wife & unborn / a Black girl can be taken, sleeping on her
Grandmothers’ couch / these aren’t lies / these aren’t accidents /
those aren’t images or illustrations between the lines / living Black
is a federal offense.

some free handouts from my government name:
the prison industrial complex can melt steel beams
the alt-right killed JFK.

every sleeper cell in Amerikkka is a group of white boys watching /
The Daily Show, trying not to masturbate to each others’ inadequacies.

the conspiracy is calling it art instead of news / declaring life is an
act / of terrorism.

your house is not your home unless it is secure / this is a lie.
your house is not your home unless it is on fire / this is lie.
your house is never your home, all you have is the fire.

they don’t teach us the real reason we never sing the last verse
of the national anthem / slavery wasn’t so bad if you profited
from it / Black people are always late because we are stuck
in the middle of the ocean, indefinitely.

the world is scheduled to end yesterday / the doomsday clock
doesn’t consider colored people time / we’ve already lived through
an apocalypse.

but this is all a simulation / run by a select group of endangered
lizards who control the stock / exchange / this could be a lie.

facts are meant to be broken, rules are meant to be disproved truth
can be tailored with the right measurements / tongues can be cut
with the right language / lives can be stolen with the right history.

language is the last organic thing to grow on the planet / all things
/ can still name themselves Arbitrary / this is not a lie / which
common sense do you use here? / does this not resemble what you
call nonsense? / all to disguise such treacherous imagery.

assume every camera has already taken your face / plastered it on
the wall, writes your name in its journal, doodles hearts around
your visage / this is a lie / but every camera does identify you by
your bad side / on a tiny screen in an undisclosed location / the
panopticon is being updated.

it’s a madness constantly looking over your shoulder only to find /
a void / they listen to how you speak to yourself & make sure / all
messages are transmitted.

it is in the water / it is in the wires / it is in the air
filter the rain / everything is contaminated.

our immune systems are failing / the land can’t call in sick

there has to be something hurdling toward us that we don’t now
know about / dear sky of midnight mass, we ask your devastation
strike us down.

the moon landing wasn’t staged, but NASA has been colonizing
since the 60’s / all the Martians are on reservations & Venusians are
being brought over by the spaceship-load.

we missed the first contact by looking at the wrong abyss THEY
were already here / THEY already left / THEY didn’t like what
they saw / THEY found all the undetonated bombs WE left
scattered / around the house & realized WE are the savagest in the

the Earth is not flat / though I couldn’t tell you differently this a lie /
satellites are real. they hover, ghosts / above a hostile atmosphere.

say three Hail Mary’s & cover your heart in aluminum foil.
the communion wine is locally grown from gentrified soil. but,
Bread Inc. has subsidized the body of Jesus.

much of the food we eat is plastic / this is not a lie.
there are wood-chips in your parmesan cheese
gum chewers are 14 times as likely to have a mound of play-doh /
the size of a tennis ball in their stomachs / this is a lie.

the water is safe to drink / not sure how the truth works here
the water was safe to drink today, but last week it was not. this
is not a lie.

the water needs to be tested / not sure how pipes work here / the
water needs to be tested again, but it has returned / to previous
levels / of acceptable contamination. this is not a lie.

they have poisoned whole cities / this is not a lie.
they don’t want liberty or justice for y’all / this is a lie
they sell liberty & justice, but it’s a ponzi scheme
of identity politics & the “real” working class.

there is no civility in democracy / they want you to believe your
votes count / they want you to not be able to vote.
they are trying every way to count you out

a watchlist grows of those who won’t survive in Amerikkka.