Innominate Panorama
Being a rush of myth & vapour
there exists a panoramic fog of poetic jackals’ blazes appearing on lower planes as the froth of refraction

there exists the scarlet base of bluish jaguar’s ink
of sculpted swans within the air of seminal polar initiation not unlike the dialectics of water
having the somnolent power of vertiginous cobalt emanation

each meadow of ferociousness bleating
like a naked armistice of smoking sanguinary owers evolving higher & higher into hackias of crystal
into elliptical meridians
far beyond protoplasmic complication

one then sees a realm of lighted Impeyan pheasants ying in circles in a violet unicorn’s palace
where there electrically proliferates
ozonal spells

osmotic snows
being flakes of weightless rainbow jonquils transcending the dark
of oily dragon fang auroras