Hell Pigs

Hell Pigs

Top pitch squeal,
jaws mashed,
and cheekbones sculpted
so deadly.

On National Geographic
they said
“Battle-tank body…

You were a hybrid
before science
was making DNA fluffs
into hypoallergenic pets.

But you were
no one anyone
would have wanted
to take home.

No living relatives
now. It was just you
living in extinct hell.

Worse than regular hell,
full of only the most obscure
ragged beasts. Hardcore, so metal.

Omnivore’s dilemmas:
Are you eating plants or meat?
Are you a football player?

Smashing your oblong body
into predators. An attacker
attempting to score points.

But in the end, somehow
not tough enough, aggression
is not resilience for survival.