Futureless Languages

It seemed endless and then

it didn’t disappear but

there was no way to

look it in the face.

I had walked far into

a winter of stone steeples

a bunch of graffiti that

read elect the dead and

then no more sidewalk.

Nausea on the way to

get groceries: someone

is about to drop a bomb.

A hallway of sunshine.

Done for another eon.

I heard if you get

drained by people,

create a purple energy

shield around you

so what could I do

but imagine purple

light as a bubble

around the city, the

whole country, the

world. Thought about

us-ness and ongoing

fully invasive mint

old trees chanting

shame, us burning

[with] nostalgia

about the time when

the future was promising.

Languages with no

future tense use

the present instead,

make future a suite

next to the present.

Tomorrow I break free.

Tomorrow he is gone.

The gas engine is no more.

I do not smoke. Tomorrow

most animals and trees

are dead. In the fall,

I live. I live this fall.

The speakers of these

supposedly have

more prudence, prepare,

save money, smoke less.

Except an outlier culture

that has no marker

for the future tense

who don’t especially

prepare for their future

selves: perhaps to

some, hedonists.

I guess you could pull

your dick through

a hole in a mask

but it’ll be tough

to get your pants up.