from Tongues

The setting day a snake said: it’s a cane, it’s a kill. Is like a stain. Like a stream. Like a dream. And like a dream sits like a dream: sits like a queen, shine like a queen.

When like a flash like a shell, fled like a shadow; like a shadow still.

Lies like a shadow still, aye, like a flash o light, shall I like a fool, quoth he, You shine like a lily like a mute shall I still languish, — and still, I like Alaska.

Lies like a lily white is, like a lily, white. Like a flail, like a whale, like a wheel. Like a clock. Like a pea, like a flea, like a mill, like a pill, like a pill. Like a pall, hangs like a pall.

Hands like a bowl, bounds like a swallow!

Falls like a locust-swarm on boughs whose love was like a cloak for me. Whose form is like a wedge. But I was saved like a king; was lifted like a cup, or leave a kiss but in the cup the cup she fills again up she comes again.

Till she comes back again.

Till he comes back again. Till I come back again. Like mechanical toys. Like a pale antagonist. Like a beacon, like a star, not unlike a story compiled I too reckoned, like a boy, I take the cup you kindly reach, who smoke and sip the kindly cup, and give to each its purpose, like a king to work in — things had become difficult.

Taking up with her contempt, worthing is much taken; A King. They said. What King. Figuring, checking-up, testing all day, then I get drunk in secret on expensive liquor, giving and taking strength reciprocal, digging and sinking and drifting, and writing and thinking, and eating and drinking, and eternally thinking, and blinking, and winking, thinking and thinking of Johnny Glynn, catching and losing, gaining and failing, singing, and calling, and singing again, being and singing and singing and singing, singing: — singing and dancing, singing and dancing go! Singing and dancing as they go. Thus dancing on, and singing as they danced, and gazed on its swinging sign. Night-gowns rush dancing and exulting in. Singing and gliding and going — going in and coming out; going out and coming in.