from Pet Sounds

what did she tell me about Madame George?
driving home to California, hers not mine yet
probably it is about drugs. I still don’t know anything
except how to feel in the car inarticulate

moaning along. we gave the old man pepto
when he got carsick. what were we thinking?
he was just a kitten then for real
we were coming from Spokane
a place so white it felt satanic. she was not.

it was very bad there for her
in ways I cannot fully account for, her best friend
first love dead less than a year before we met

I was running away from home
out of Colorado into the Presbyterian college
where we spent a lot of time in a closet-sized single
dorm room watching Star Trek. outside it was the 90s.

when we reached her grandmother’s house it was late
or it was early, and jasmine. I stepped on a snail in the half dark.

I wanted this to have that same smell
cool night air up against the bathroom door
the hallway lights begin to dim

that’s when you fall
you’re in the front room, touching him