from Pet Sounds

on the scooter model People 150
your back looks like a boy’s
I follow you home from the repair shop

I carry my mother’s fear of motorcycles
but not her fear of cancer
my father carried a fear of the heart attack

that killed his father but in the end
a weird form of cancer killed him
and two of his seven siblings

ragged on a country road
in a photo from the childhood
he worked hard to get away from

I like that you are slight
strong jawline big hands

I like the top of your head
the way it smells

the fur that starts on your chest
has gotten thicker with age

you’re an otter
a bear


some things that really kill me include
you got into the WNBA first
you’re all about the squad game not the star

when we fought most recently about working from home
you said three things: open the window sometimes
can you scrape the old man’s plate once in a while

I forget the other one

you’re ok with me calling the boxer briefs
your panties. when I went to the store for frozen pizza
it felt weird because you do all the shopping.

at SeaWorld you sat with Avery and Colette
and cried or tried not to cry in front of them.
it hurts to be around the way adults are

always putting their hands in the shape of
here is the church, here is the steeple
open the doors, see all the people

we don’t own them, so we have no say
in the shape language takes around them