from Noct—The Threshold of Madness


unlucky you low-grade something race

in the past, glimpsing an amazing crystal

mighta been a boon — exotic

anise-flavored wormwood narcotic

what herb ratio of euphoria and nervous disorder

prevents legal trouble?

we’ll be outlawed

most people are victims:

hope is a credit card

loophole you’re allowed to buy the law

transactions the tricky you bastard price letdown

caution the fortunate

the water

the surf will destroy you

out of nowhere


the sea, access to the sea

—a natural body

you waterside spot in the dark

obviously trespassing

body: a manmade chemicaljourney

dear mythology of sinister tone

what resembles fright?

what comes from elsewhere

and appears to be you

out-of-body? the unsaid

forms a pathway to the low world

seeing with the soul’s way of seeing

What do you suppose it means?

the hellish vision? A man both me

and not