from Letter to the Aliens

when you arrive find
a soccer field
it will probably be wild
overgrown with new growth
bushes and dandelions and clover
and trees
dear aliens
you’ll be able to tell by the goals
wide tubes of white piping
holding steady a net of nylon
which may be decomposing
or torn apart by birds
if there are birds
to use in constructing their nests
hanging delicate on the branches
of trees that sometimes
span the distance
one hundred thirty yards
the field in its prime
which you must imagine
dear aliens
the grass freshly trimmed to an inch
the lines sprayed white
after nightfall
floodlights on
illuminating all to sparkle
the dew on the grass
the insects confusing that light for the light of the sun
the young man who removed his shirt
due to the heat
standing ready
for minutes and minutes alone
focused still
to prevent the opposition from scoring
despite their being on the other side of the field
breathing heavy
his sweat gathering on his chest
then running
when he would
rather lay down and look
up at and count the stars
he can see
or back
at the boy walking by
imprinting the image on his memory
dear aliens
these are things to be seen
and when you find one dark
deserted as the planet will be
lay in it
watch the fireflies darting like a game
and if they’re not
look up and find home