from Autobiography of Horse

According to Korean superstition, a “weak” person is more likely to be inhabited by a spirit than a person of “stronger character.” And in Korean, 말, pronounced mahl, means “horse.” 말 also means “word,” “speech,” and “utterance.” This is some kind of destiny.

I crushed hard in the beginning. The horse was an answer to each prompt. In the horse’s body, I saw the possibilities of my own body. In the horse’s past, I saw my own past. The horse understood me and I wanted to share this oblivion. There was no human to share it with. I shared a mirror with the horse.

Some explanations:
1. I just think horses are cool.
2. I was tired of seeing the sky in your eyes.
3. At the end there was a question mark.
4. I got lost on my way home.
5. The mirror needed fixing.
6. Because the past is more uncertain than the future.
7. My body is too small for my body.
8. No other mask seemed to fit.
9. I was jealous.
10. I shit my heart out & needed a replacement.
11. I was playing the longest game of hide-and-seek.
12. I came upon a fortress & the door was locked.
13. I was experimenting with renewable energy sources.
14. My grandma is a horse.
15. My horse is not my grandma.
16. I am the Judas horse.