the Philadelphia police department puts a flyer in our mailbox suggesting we find them
on various social media platforms


the tv anchors

make a point of telling us they feel the tear gas

“it stings, Rachel”

when something big is happening and you

can only be aware of tiny

things your body is doing

that my pants are too tight

and there’s a big pimple on my chin

how do you know each other?

the border cop asks

try to keep the space of

travel for a minute the aura of it

an inner life

like to aspire to what is already there

all my life

I’ve been dreaming of an inner life

in which I’m also standing on

the street

Again against my own perverse and obsessive loyalty

If I put too much pressure on myself to be liberated and

                             then I put too much pressure on myself to be disciplined

I wonder what disciplines my body waking up early to work

even though I’m sick

                            As if a person liberates their own body.