A tree that can only live
by endlessly dragging up red water
This body that can only live
by sobbing with everything
except for the two eyes that look at you, even then
Oh, it’s cold
Sometimes tears splatter like leaves outside

Tonight at this very hour two red trees pickled in alcohol
are rising up from the underground walkway in front of City Hall
Stop grabbing my hand and bothering me! Spit splatters
The fountain in front of City Hall is so eloquent
it might be manning a suicide hotline for the people of Seoul
Oh it’s cold, around the fountain where tears sometimes splash
cars orbit without resting 24 hours a day
Sitting in the Sky Lounge in the Plaza Hotel
I’ve passed that mountain that cloud that rainstorm
I passed everything
Good flight conditions, okay, okay went my blackbox
recorded tonight and, for a refrain,
it read out one of these days will come the right moment to die
A tree that will collapse, if it doesn’t swallow water
sucked from underground
24 hours a day, 1440 minutes, 86400 seconds
My spell that sucks up red blood with my whole body
and raises white water bones
so as not to flood like water on that floor
so as not to flow away like river water
This poor thing with a bulb on its head
that pushes up red blood every day!
A spell by an upside-down tree