Fishnet Monster Is Seen for the First Time in Harlem

Fishnet: monster on the 6 train:
even the East River couldn’t swallow:
birthed, in the attempt, & spat out

a misshape of colors & human clothes:
trick of dark skin & can’t explain itself:
don’t look like nobody’s child but the Sea’s.

Black Boy on the 6 train: never seen a fish
with human lips: looks to his mother & points:
bloodies: the pop-eyed windows to ugly Fishnet’s ugly

thoughts. trains collide at childhood. mouth a gash.
Black Boy’s eyes moon-up & pull the ocean
from Fishnet’s fur-matted face, legs, chest.

the Boy, though: his black naps spiral & swirl,
spiral & swirl: suck even the memory of water
from gills. Fishnetfreak flailing—no sound.

mouth a gash. Black Mother says nothing:
not her monster to love into a person:
not her ship-hung: not him. saltwater. Fishnet.

black sea hair: snakes & dead flowers.
Fishnet wants to cry but their distributary bare.
can’t go back. don’t work. Black Boys. mirrors. sus. out.