Electric Wizard
Commodity commodity
It’s the black commodity
Corrosive commodity
Burns through tin and aluminum
In my hair commodity
Black commodity
Holding animality
White girls can understand,
it’s close enough to the dog commodity
It fits in your bag, made to be in your life
In the company of fetish
                      In which panel do I get to be Fred Moten or
                      Frantz Fanon, so that you can think my words are pretty too?
                      I want myself against everything
                      Stay there and be burned into the mind
                      Into the mind
                      So god
                      So god, so good
                      Got soggy on my way here
                      But So god
                      If your church isn’t handing me a metro card
                      Then why isn’t god saving our souls from capital
                      This truly is heaven on earth
Heavy energy
Heavy life
Death in
Mundane out

My lover comes bearing coins
And I always know what time it is
                      Death and war all by my side
                      A year with pulse
                      A year of dead teenage girls
                      In jails Black oil snakes
                      So good, so god
                      The end and un end
                      Everyone is learning how to drink poison
                      The darkness of the south
                      The blindness of the north
                      The grand delusion of it all

                      A hung moon
                      Time of all time has ended
                      With what is a poor substitute of equity
                      Sometimes death isn’t even enough to make good on past grievances
                      Sometimes suffering for god isn’t summed up in embracing the graveyard
Time of timed boundaries has ended
It began on the edge of a fence in a great hall exclaiming to no one in particular
“Watch me light myself on fire and burn for you”
As I tell this story about stingy lovers
                      Or how about we did embrace the tomb
                      Or how about we did win by losing
                      Or how about “yeah, man, I’ll miss you when you leave this city”
                      And how we can’t pronounce the word “touch” or
                      “I need you now. but no, don’t come over, I’m exhausted”
                      But of course we settle for private property as an alternative because
                      false gods taught
                      Us well

                      Everything is a joke with time
                      In time, around it, scalping up roots that were supposed be to
                      buried in our stomachs
I’m traveling along time to make up for wages
Lost wages in negative time
The kind without growth
The kind without organs
Body time
This internal clock breaks for you
But others will call it the selling of labor power
Labor power meaning desperation at the term “electoral activism”
Perverted time, obtuse because
I want to fight and care for friends at this edge of time
Explosion of Saturn time
Looking for soul in a leather jacket
                      I chose not to sleep through time
                      This time
                      The suffering made things feel more possible
                      I’m going nowhere fast, all of our secrets about the world
                      Aired out at this exact moment together

                      Walking diagonally speaking to God
                      Hoping the night doesn’t eat too much of me
                      In the absolving time of night
                      Falling upwards longitudinally through history where mosquitoes
                      Grow living in the crochet text-flesh of our friends
                      Praying that it flows into what could be the constellation of bonds
                      Strong enough
                      Lighting a fire in the woods, hoping something good will see it
                      Hoping it’s good enough for them
                      Telling us through the fire to use the sword to our advantage
                      Built in the blood of travel of the fool’s journey
                      Running wet under the moon
                      Teaching myself how to cauterize a wound that’s decades old
                      Licking away at a curse that isn’t even mine to hold
                      On left handed coasts we lie
                      About how our bodies learned how to say hello
                      How we wanted to be in the light In the dark
                      How we whisper things better left unsaid
                      Because everyone is searching for life and meaning
                      Everyone is in crisis and we just fell into the trap
                      We just wanted to experience death without it being mortal
                      We wanted to fail and believe there was a hereafter
                      And that there is something beyond blood and cum
                      Something beyond being a vampire
                      Something beyond dead Even beyond that because then
                      There isn’t even infinity and if there is, math couldn’t count it
                      We lit a fire and everyone saw
                      The world ended and we still chose to live in it
                      Hoping for no return