#DTLA is not #Racist!
The black guy
is masturbating on Sixth again
These homeless people are getting ridiculous
There is this program up north,
where they nicely ship them away for work programs
It is really nice
I don’t know if happy adverbs can make an internment camp sound OK
Molina just cares about the Latinos
Molina hates white people
She doesn’t have a bike
She didn’t go to the bike meeting
We need more cops
We need more security
Another black guy
I have a picture, I got up at at 4 a.m. and I caught him
My dog needs a place to run
Can we make that park private?
We are bringing back Broadway
ose businesses weren’t real
You know what we mean
I find your accusation that I am racist offensive
Here we go again with the race card, you people and the race card
My name is James T Butts and I am Black and I am here to let you know Bob isn’t racist
That black homeless guy is out of control
No one was even talking about race
Obama is the best president ever
This time it’s an Asian guy masturbating on Seventh
Did not know they could be homeless?
I thought that was a black thing
What? I am not being offensive just honest
I went out with an Asian lady once
She was real Americanized and talked too much
I had to break up with her
I am not racist, the Irish were the first slaves
I am not Irish, but I could be
There you go again with the race card
Race is relevant here
your accusations of racism
are why you people are masturbating
all over this place
And I voted for Obama,
I told you that.