Spanish is clumsy on my tongue like Angolan slaves
breaking their tools in Puerto Rico, Barbados and Nevis
Black women have killed their babies only
to save their souls, health from diabetes
and policemen coming to shoot them in their sleep
what do niggers dream while walking through a living nightmare?
the cost is some bargaining chip in minor suburb of Michigan

My grand maimed one
and all the thick cocks of Missouri
that god could not hide from me

If I die, then let the city burn with me
I want my blackness to coat the cities’ night
to burn like Sati’s glowing skin
let the foundation shake
have the children eat from my flesh
to be reborn as heroes in Homer’s Odyssey
if I am to die in the hands of our enemies, then use my corpse as a Golden Fleece
to decapitate the cyclops in blue

Do you know what love feels like
to vibrate and violently shake
to watch The Exorcist late at night with the second love of your life
just to hear he became an uncle to a new life the next day
to feel wet in the middle of the night
like a moist tampon on the first of a period
to truly be content?

I go into the sea at night and let the waters lap at my charcoal-flavored labia
why are verdicts announced at night
“Are they scared?”
they should be
the whiskey bottle is mocking me with its Aunt Jemima form
I don’t want to return
I don’t know how to exchange fares at this destination
I will lose myself in the crisis
I don’t want to return to work
I don’t want to sleep and count the weeks
dedicated to
how much money I have to save for rent
I don’t want to grovel from paycheck to paycheck
I don’t want to mutter under my breath when pigs show up to my workplace
I want to burn
I want everyone to know how alcohol feels when it’s lit
what it’s like to play with fire
I want us to burn today and tomorrow