Conversion Disorders in the Burn Pits, Please Take Flight

Conversion disorder is a mental condition in which a person has blindness, paralysis, or other nervous system (neurologic) symptoms that cannot be explained by medical evaluation. Conversion disorder symptoms may occur because of a psychological conflict.

social panics                fainting spells to twitching                      shaking

       a trance state:                           call it                                            mass hysteria

(of course)    it      starts      with        little girls          near puberty          or in

poor                                         working conditions                                            stifling

laughter                     in the back of            a schoolroom                   spinning

             tales      about    breaking      windows-       treaty                  breaking

code-clocks        of   land             script    deed                         an outing             of

the circumstance            an    out from     the lump               in the throat that

produces a sensation of                      choking      if you          can think

       yourself         better    you             can also make               yourself       sick

with love                         call it mania         for                             a collective

       breakdown              a stress response against      a line of               history

that        speeds         fast     like red metal                 towards dense fog

Line drawing in black: A figure in a headpiece wearing a halter dress and carrying an American flag is riding away on the back of an elephant. Another figure in a top hat, long coat, and high boots has a hand on the elephant's side and a lowered head