Compatibility Modes

Courtesy, being                                   back into it with                          
something to the                                such numbing                          
sidecar, entered                                  forbearance at such                          
a fat baby/pure                                    and such intervals                                
love version of                                     dating their markets                                
walled-in reality                                 for purposes of                    
with a fragrant                                    the deep flip out   
purple skin tone                                 I’m sure my mem 
to highlight our                                   ories don’t dissipate                       
tedious desolation.                            fast enough. Coaster
Yes, it was a split                                children for sample
pea rallying an ache                          sale agree, if
of routines, but                                   embittered by the
to notice past an                                 vaguely medieval
uncertain point                                   littering within
would be to take                                  localized thought 
on the most primal                            balloons. I hope
of glib characteristics                       to find I can imagine
& wave antique                                     an utterly alien
scaffolding at                                         eros by listening
the latest festival                                 for possible methods
of triaged intensity.                            of extra-terrestrial sex:
It’s not that I 
forget I have a body
I just get locked 

1. Mutually unrecognizeable masturbation.
2. Unconscious rear-to-rear ascension.
3. Telepathic stimulation of pleasure centres; a possibly manipulative-to-criminal act; yet what constitutes a crime for an alien species may also be totally unknown.
4. Extended absence as sexual act.
5. Extended proximity in catatonic stasis as sexual act.
6. Group Suspension.
7. Unknown.
8. As Like.
9. Unknowner.
10. Envelopment (total, as in bio-organic costume)
11. Sex acts as practical actions performed regularly even hourly in public, discretely.
12. Cataclysmic eruption between ocean-sized entities.
13. Sex as minute distinction so as to be nearly  imperceptible.