Briar Winds

a walk to the Falls
to say goodbye
in front of Origins

between Briarwood and
Cutler Ridge
doing a good
mini cry
in Coral Reef library’s
microfiche corner

let me draw you a map
you know US1? ok
and the big Publix?

a drive to Sunset
to say that’s it
so i can ride my bike
crying to Ludlam
and Miller, erase you
from my Limewire library
& change routes

the Ford hatchback R’s sister sold me for 70 dollars
started smoking on east Flagler.
we pulled into the parking lot of an optical
what a mission

do you want to see something?
follow me!

you know Old Cutler Rd? say you’re
there instead of Churchills
you know US1? ok
and the Rooms To Go?

i called Majic 102.7
and won
a steak dinner in Tamarac
for guessing “Herman’s Hermits”

all we ever do
is hurt
and say
that soon we won’t
or that once we didn’t

do you remember being spun in circles
with your eyes closed
i started one day, mid-wicca phase,
in the yard w the sprinklers going
one afternoon post tropical depression
when the clouds had trapped
the light so the world now dry
looked like what we say Mars looks like
and there was someone laughing and saying