appendix (that optional organ)

we heard somewhere that a supplement defines the boundaries
of the original like a no sets the boundaries of a sexual/non-
sexual exchange, like an aluminum panel on a window is meant
to keep out a storm, but also like a storm produces a storm
economy: dominoes, medallas, canned goods, diesel, clean
water (mary magdalene kneels to wash our feet out of a bucket
brown and translucent from reuse). an appendix is forgiven
for latching on to its parasitic parent. an appendix is the
dependent you list for tax purposes. beauty is this appendix,
since it uses up our pain to make objects that admit they feed
off suffering. v unironic. sincerely cruel. so what use do i
have for you, beauty, when you’ve made me depend on you by
stripping me of everyone and everywhere i love? are you my
medicine or my abusive substance of choice? to be prolific is to
pretend there is such a thing as language, to—as some would
say—perform it.