“Ann Arbor never felt like a safe place”

Ann Arbor never felt like a safe place
There was a professor in our department
Who thought he was Ernest Hemingway
He famously touched students’ breasts
He had these signature moves
Like these tried and true tricks
For how to surreptitiously touch his students’ tits
For example, The Scarf Move:
Compliment a student’s scarf
At a department luncheon, then adjust it for her
So your hands each brush a nipple

And he taught there, tenure track
And everybody knew
But nobody did anything about it
His sexual harassment
Was so well-established and unquestioned
That it was like a favorite school tradition
Comfortable, cozy, cider & donuts

And every day I woke up in that town
And knew that he was touching girls
Who didn’t want to be touched
It tore a hole in me
I talked about it and nobody cared
I talked about it and nothing changed
I talked about it and Rebecca said Are You Okay?
And I said yes
But what I should have said was
That’s the wrong fucking question, Rebecca
What the fuck is wrong with everyone else
And why is this man still working at our school
And behaving like a monster?