◄◄ancestral fever tattooing itself on our medulla►►

ignited  by your song we will gather fruits and  forgetfulness in the confused streets
from the Comité del Pueblo            destroyed by the night we will run under the trees
of   San  Juan  searching   for  our  oxidized  apus   you  will   see  us  burrow   near  La
             Pachakamaq a new disease dwells in our dna we are infected with civilization
                                                                                    urbanmadness cannibalism isolation chaos
                          Pachakamaq Ama yapa puñuychu Pachakamaq kanwankani Yanapay!!!

paranoid insects devastated by the sea walk illuminating the sidereal aurora of their
             wombs                                           with     nightmares        in   their          skin        they
¡observe the street prophets!
naked chest ancestral beggars      urban buddhas full of green and fresh

in their hands the chaos burns
naked and drunk they know what love is and its cancer
andean waskas
may their love bite the exhausted cold of this páramo city
and wake the madness of the birds