All All Right
                                    all somehow all right,
Never too much, despite too much
Not mattering, all right the morning,
All right the coffee, reading, cereal, all right
The crunchies in the cat’s bowl, all right the asshole
Thinking she was cute calling the cat
Fat, all right don’t get so upset about that,
You can’t remember what got so not
All right, she said it was okay to be sad,
She said it in such a she could give a fuck way,
You were just another man, as in Ugh, men,

But all right. The city buildings
Nonplussed in the sky, all
All right, yup you again, all right,
You had more hope about a you
You kissed on a street corner
All right then that hope was dashed
All right, you don’t matter that much, all right,
She’s not thinking about you that much,
All right, you knew that already,
You think I think I matter that much?
All right, it’s okay to be sad, all right,
What’s not okay is for you to be telling me
What’s okay, okay? I’m not okay, okay.
I’m not okay with being okay, okay, I’m not all right,
All right? All right all right all right.

I’ll be all right, I said to you
As I hugged you one last time before
You left. Why was I
Saying that? I think about your hat
Sometimes, the purple, green and yellow one
You always wore until one night
You almost left it in a cab
And had to hurry back and flag the cab down
And stopped wearing it
Because you worried you would lose it like that.
How two people come together
All right, I ask the sky, how deteriorate
Though looking all right, how one person manage alone all right?

Nothing answers, or everything does,
All all right, all, so all, all, all all right.