To Fill Your Belly and Your Cup: Poems that Nourish
Playlist by Penelope Luksic 14 poems
Good poems, like good food, excite the senses and nourish the soul. From the dinner party to the picnic, food is at the center of work by Nikki Giovanni, Mark Strand, William Carlos Williams, and others. As part of your balanced diet, be fed and filled by these poems that celebrate eating, feasting, musing and consuming.
1. Da Capo
Jane Hirshfield
2. Eating Fried Chicken
Linh Dinh
3. The Vegetable Air
Cathy Song
4. At a Dinner Party
Amy Levy
5. To a Poor Old Woman
William Carlos Williams
6. With strawberries we filled a tray
William Ernest Henley
7. Man Eating
Jane Kenyon
8. I Wrote a Good Omelet
Nikki Giovanni
9. Potpourri
Lola Ridge
10. Picnic Boat
Carl Sandburg
11. Bleezer's Ice Cream
Jack Prelutsky
12. Excerpt from The Martyrology
13. Eating Poetry
Mark Strand
14. Fishmonger
Marsden Hartley