'‘/i wanted to be as good as an amazon review,’ types this post-ambien(t) poet, ‘as laid bare /           in my interjections /               like one name being used by two people.’ Whitman, Stein, Lins, meet Kirsten Ihns—our American stenographer of emergent devotions, systemic derangements, and a cryptic magnificence beyond reason. ‘be a form of vast comportment,’ this work asks of itself, ‘at all points permit the ornament to wash /     up on the shores of a real decorum.’ Sundaey is a mesmerizing debut, a detonated confection, and a deliquescent cosmology ‘like the world /       /delicto, uncertain, stopless, asking /                                    in whose image have you /                                            deformed the material.’” —Srikanth Reddy, author of Facts for Visitors

yes, hello

i sate like sum dome creature in the sun and i lied there, all spangled, neither truth nor hungry

                         i was taken out to dance and click

obedient, i slip into Vast Amusement Model Picture                 

                                                           /just appear on the screen until someone gets involved                                   

                                five times i made this thought til sweat burned on my brow like a razor                                             bumped my sweat on the grill                                     left it lonely as a sandwich                     upon a crown of recollected hills, as they appear, in the literature:

                                            let me to beat as a pulp before you                                 

mostly, i like things i can find by means of bathwater behavior lately i feel curiously free to hazard and eat them such as: let snow show the very nature of space to be repetition: this was all the city wanted i.e. to be seen as drawing, or field of slowly crystallizing fluid with a hieroglyphic punctuation, taker of first and lasting pictures seizing its little clock in the dark, shaking it, shaking

of the five senses, desire is the sixth



what is it to just be known

   by what you take




                                                                        i don’t see where you have a claim



are you just

                 an architecture towards counting           to rivet around its egress center                                     & expensive glass

big panes                                     oh i am ready, they say                     for my action:

i am ready to be used all the time

                    /this is what the world keeps doing through me





                                                                                                            heat was the great and living                                                                                                                                                                commodity i am ready to be user all the time & thereby


the event i fashion sometimes it’s hard to know one is

                                                   a creature                  bc one feels so wholly precedent?                     



i think i’d like to be a complex on the porches of my                  sensation



does yours sound like this?



sometimes a formation wants                                   to be useless and can’t                                   but can’t




                                                              and do so anyway



...and it’s quite difficult to try



                                                                                  ok, rl question now



                                                                                  -what goes on six legs through the costco                                                                                   -and what of its species                                                                                   to have no species voice nor feeling



what if i have neither species voice nor feeling



just want and the present                             of its emergence, which repeats


               the kind of object meant to sustain your relation to it                i’m ready to be use all the time




being cooperational, we get our on network this               our own                                      way where i to feel endures                  without knowledge all the leaves to quiver                                                  new aspens in the spring                                                  on the windy hillside

              new aspens in windy on the spring spring the hillside

no chemist

i whisper /select for me from your universe/ i pronounce it “see_lect”

my feelings for that ear are oceanic and indecent how else should i signify my business? in which i mime the body like a lap in the pool it’s perfectly as cruel as true it’s recent and it’s chlorinated

i put a cleanup on the cantaloupe                i put a needless stamp then eat it                              while you watch? disgusting i answer to everyone and can you fault me

snake poem

                              /feel the chill of an occasion

               and an atmosphere to lose my crispness in, i find my bedroom

so beautiful, at night—a golden light the lamp is throwing thru the folding shade

                                                               dispassionate, i rotate                                  i follow many snakes, the accounts are named -daily.snakes -snake.ig -snakes_beauty

my favorites are albino snakes

albino super motley titanium

completely worth my wait

the common krait is a venomous snake, you can find it in the hot jungles on the south it is of the deep subcontinent

when it bites, the coral snake can freeze the breathing muscles

the coral snake can bite but not through thickness its teeth are short and ineffective, it prefers to flee it prefers smaller prey

i love to watch the creatures in a cage

i love a pet i cannot hold while feeling

unafraid. i love a mind i cannot know

hi guys.. I have a huge concern. I have a few months old Bumblebee BP .... she perches on her tree .. and spins just her head in circles.... what may cause this?

wintergreen, canada tea dry throat, and nostalgia it strikes like an illness of the inner eye and an envy to shock the material a thin gesture a thin and perilous gesture

would you kiss me? the doctor is in

the problem is the spider gene. it causes the head to wobble in the BP

BP is for ball python, a popular breed i am afraid your pet has neurologic disease that cannot be got out very readily? maybe other people

have some different thoughts

on this?

these videos are my personal experience

is there a fire anaconda?

does anyone have a fire anaconda? if you could let me know

refraction indices

want to do that thing where i repeat                 the perception the water is                        a hungry glass i catch                  my mother looking in me                                 arranging her hair

           the equipment era dawns like this

the kind of song where the singer wears their heart on their sleeve

               then does away with it                                                                                   in spectacular fashion

                and that’s the end!                           we think! but then!

she winks and calls it up and says

                                                              i missed you

                                                      when i shot the other troubles

and there’s a pause                                                            in which exactly no one laughs                                 in this stadium-style banana can, it’s flat fizzless, not even    our woman on the stage is acting like she gets it

it bangs its knees, stumbling around in the orchestra pit         breaks the spirit of the best violin                         the one whose role had been to say

we dream like twins in paradise


































we dream like twins in paradise