Will Alexander
1948 –
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18 poems
... between impulses and repentances, / between advances and retreats. / —Octavio Paz, Eagle or Sun? / Here I am / posing in a mirror of scratch paper sonnets / sonnets as rare / as a live Aegean rhino / absorbing the cracklings of my craft / its riverine volcanoes / its spectacular lightning peninsulas / emitting plentiful creosote phantoms / from an ironic blizzard of unsettled pleromas / scouring through years of unrecognized pablums / of constant arch-rivalry with extinction / bringing up skulls of intensive discourse / by the claws in one’s mind / which seem to burn with systemic reduction / one then suffers poetic scorching by debris / by inaugural timber which flashes / by friction which flares up & harries / by unrecognized moltens collapsing in glass / of initial intuitive neglect / as if one’s fangs / were fatally stifled by incipience / by verbal range war didactics / by territorial driftwood / by sudden undemonstrative detractions / awed / by the diverse infernos of Trakl & Dante / one’s youngish body stands / devoured by reverential print trails / momentarily cancelled / by the loss of blasphemous nerves & upheaval / stung / by demeaning neutralities / ravaged / by a blank Sumatran solar psychosis / by a tasteless collision of rums in transition / by a conspiracy of obscured fertility by hubris / as one sucks in doubt from a wave of tumbling blister trees / there exists irradiations flecked with a gambled synecdoche / with indeterminate earthenware splinters / taking up / from aboriginal density / a forge of Sumerian verbal signs / cooked with a tendency / towards starfish hypnosis / towards psychic confrontational drainage / conducting one’s frictions in a torrential furnace of osmosis & ire / yes / apprenticeship / means poetry scrawled in unremitting leper’s mosaic / cringed in smoky interior cubicles / releasing various deleriums / as if pointed under a blackened Oedipal star / with its dark incapable tints / with its musical ruse of unspoken belladonna / poetics / an imaginal flash of Russian chamber lilies / stretching under a blue marsupial sun / like kaleidoscopic tumbleweed / fugaciously transfixed / upon an anomalous totem of glints / upon rainy Buenos Aires transfusions / above the urinal coppers of a flaming polar star rise / of course / kinetic / like magical malachite rivers / flowing from moons / blowing through the 3/4 summits of motionless anginas / I’ve looked / for only the tonalities that scorch / which bring to my lips wave after wave / of sensitivity by virulence / yes / a merciless bitterness / brewed by a blue-black tornado of verbs / in a surge of flashing scorpion chatter / in a dessicated storm of inferential parallels & voltage / like a scattered igneous wind / co-terminus with the bleeding hiatus & the resumption of breath / resolved by flash point edicts / by consumptive stellar limes / by curvature in tense proto-Bretonian fatigue / mixing magnets / juggling centripetal anti-podes & infinities / cracking the smoke of pure rupestral magentas / yes / hatcheries / floating through acetylene corruption of practiced mental restraint / to splendiferous vistas mingled with inspirational roulette / its mysteriums / always leaping like a grainy rash of scorching tarantellas / or leaking moon spun alloestrophas* / as if speaking / in irregular glossological green Dutch / a frenetic seminar on febricity / a reitteration of hendecasyllabic agitation & stinging / a ferocious vacillation / explosive as random “aggregational” nodes / mimed by a black consonantal dissection / its maximal priority / forked at “hypotactic inclusion” / with isochronous internal procedure / with ratios / with phonic penetralia by distortion / primed by anomalous “nuclear accent” / by a cadence composing syllables & compounds / yes / poetics / its force / jettisoned by “hypotaxis” / by ... paratactic co-ordination / & fire
Solea of the Simooms
"...surprise...will burst forth like a fluorite ruby in ultraviolet light" / -Roberto Matta / Not some writhing in a tortuous canine province / nor some hallucinated witness in a broken endocrine manger / but Solea / the splendiferous dolorosos of Solea / with her blind electrical surges / with her transmudane penetration / like a rain of green sorrows / with their clairvoyant ethers / become a cyclone of minerals / ghostly / eclectic / like the moon expelling waves from her dharma / or movement from the carving of volcanoes / her electric punctuation / condensed / as neutrino & anti-neutrino / with the Earth as her dazzled village / with its brush fire error / with its radiant electro-kinetic mass / like a cell as inverted doctrine / or body as electric solar current / movement / has become her speaking in formal hoodoo or Formosan / much like a Spanish lynx / or the howl of an Asiatic lion / circular / as in an acid / lurking in strange bacteria / her mesmerism / her antiphonal hailstorm prism / like a form of dust in pure imaginary linkage / much like the soil in bloodless dromedary trance / or cups of fire / or kinetic trays of snow / like an ice bound tornado / or a frozen ballet of minimums / or blazeless corruptible sullage / she sings within the distance of subverted salamander flowers / one could speak of her multiple incendiary foliage / blazing / as a poisonous kind of tantra / or a voice from heated voltage sierras / she invokes in me / forms which preceded human electrical formation / such as the Ammonites* / the Brachiopods* / the Medusina* / expressing movement / beyond the terminal insinuendos of being / beyond the ragged palpitations of a cautious / dissembling liberty / by which the isometric instinct devolves / & the surge of the pre-edenic persists / across splintered unification / condensed as rotational spectra / arising in optical sodium / in ionized hydrogen grammes / so if I form a perpendicular mass as regards her / or if I form a condensation / or a sudden hydroxal in her favour * / I will know / that the gulfs burn / the biopsies detach / the nebulas roam / then the ironic fall of the solar expanse / will take on a powerful enigma as drone / & never will be debased / by motionless treason / by squalls which collapse through resistance / because carbon elliptically rotates / across the grass of a burning sonar basin / she sings as if swimming / in a dark apportioned heat / in a dazzled background lime / in the deserts or swamps of the veins / in a microscopic medical leaf / then equating these blazes with wise subjective errata / her fleeting sonar crystals / culled from intermolecular force / like verbal nitrogen writing / a draft / oblique / stunning / of coded immaterial flaw / never once being subjected / to the perplexing hail / in a depthless fractional sentence / her voice being essence / as in lakeless mysteriums of ubiquity / as in biologic drift / in its drones in its lines of perceptive randomity / & so I can speak of her fraternization of coils / of her graph as a floating background species / much like fluid from pillaged mongoose seeds / so should I come to myself with a dossier of blankness / should I address an assemblage of beings in viharas* / I could never blind myself to Solea / to her distance / to her sub-continents inside snowfall / no / & I am not speaking for the quest for dialectical frondage / but movement which sweeps across a narrowed wall of flux / across foundational pathology / yet spinning above a garish vulture's milk... / Glossary: / Ammonites-Cephlapods similar to a nautilus in the Mesozoic, three feet in diameter. / Brachiopods- A phylum of marine inverte- brates which have persisted "from the Lower Cambrian to the present. " / Medusina-Jellyfish from the Pre-Cambrian. Found at the Ediacara formation in Australia. / hydroxal- interstellar element. / viharas- In Sanskirt and Pali it is equivalent as a term for dwellings.