Jesse Bliss
1 poem
A Woman’s Alchemy
No need to tell a pregnant woman how big she looks or doesn’t look for where she is at in her pregnancy / Or what she should put in her body / Or that she will never sleep again / Or have a life / No need / Because her orbit is being dictated by the cosmos / Her poundage determined by the gods / Her intake / Her outtake / Her purpose / Her music / Her muse / Her pains / Her healing / Are far beyond the opinion you carry / Shaped by a society who hides the truths of what bringing a life to this planet actually entails / Tides rise in her brain, in her being, that are inexplicable / You can call it phrases like “mommy brain” or “nesting” / But from where I sit and where my eyes gaze / And what my mind wraps upon / None of that is the case / In fact / Ancient symbols communicate / And as I struggle to pick objects up o the ground / Or raise myself out of the bed or a car or a chair / As my eyelashes fall to the ground / And my breathing is labored / As my digits swell / And my head bends over the toilet another time / I know this great creation / Exits / To bloom the blossoms of sacred eternity / Exploding inside me / A spindle / Weaving a magic beyond comprehension / Creation is messy / Creation is messy / Creation is messy / And to be respected / Some of the greatest warriors in history brought life here / So don’t clown / Or underestimate what a woman can do with a babe in her arms / The alchemy she can create / Illuminating the healing of century old stuck / Stop buying into the western world’s way of putting a woman in her place Stop and reconsider / Chose something different / This piece is dedicated to the voice in me / That no longer need be silent / And in turn the collective voice / By giving voice / And speaking truth / We instantly being to transmute the ignorance / And recreate the paradigm